BEAR Canine and Equine Therapy & Training

Taking a different, Holistic approach to dog training
Post Injury or Operation Therapies
Well being and Maintenance Therapy Sessions
Animal Communication.

What We Offer

We offer a range of different training options and therapies to suit a wide range of issues and circumstances.

Stand Alone training sessions
Stand alone training sessions (Dog only).
£40 +VAT per hour. (£48 inclusive)

Aimed at continued training, top up training or for ad-hoc training. Sessions can be aimed at particular issues or just general good behaviour. These sessions are carried out with the dog only and must be booked when your dog is resident at BEAR Boarding Kennels either as a day boarder or a full boarder. (Full board and Day board rates chargeable at rates at BEAR Boarding Kennels). Great for if you are going on holiday and want some extra training for your dog whilst you are away but don't feel the full training packages suit your dog.

Animal Communication Sessions
Animal Communication session.
£52 +VAT. (£62.40 inclusive)

Animal Communication is a way of listening to and transmitting vibrations, emotions and thought to another animal to be able to share information. This process can be useful in informing pets of changes in lifestyles, finding out root causes to be able to address problems head on or just for a fun way to know what your pet really thinks and likes. Sessions are carried out via distance work or with the animal present and a full write up of the session is supplied afterwards.

I hold a Diploma in Animal Communication and also deliver workshops where you can learn how to communicate with other species. These workshops are carried out at Rose Therapies in Chinnor, Oxfordshire. We run two workshops a year and places are limited.

Social Walks
Social Walks.
£10 +VAT per 1/2 hour. (£12 inc)

If you are finding it hard to socialise your dog with the correctly balanced dogs we can help. With our selection of dogs with different energy levels, size and characters we can offer a range of canine buddies for your dog to walk with. Depending on your dog's temperament and issues these can be on lead or off lead. All walks are taken on the land around the unit. These walks are purely for socialisation, we can offer you tips and advice along the way but if you are dealing with a specific issue needing training then please look at our training packages or our 121 sessions.

Animal Reiki
Animal Reiki (Distance or Hands on)
£30 +VAT. (£36 Inclusive)

Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality which can help with a wide range of Physical, Emotional and Psychological issues. Animals are very in tune with the Earths natural balance and so really enjoy energy work. Alex is a Reiki Master and uses a range of healing tools in her sessions too. She is also qualified in a range of other energy modalities, Starfire animal healing, Quantum Touch, Prismology, animal light communication and Trauma Release, which are used during sessions to compliment the Reiki.

Level One
Level One Plan 4 weeks.
Full Boarding £1,180 +VAT.
Day Boarding £1,000 +VAT (Mon-Fri).

In the level one plan your dog will receive therapies and training to help them achieve the goals as set out below: Sit Down, Walk to heel, Stay, & Polite greeting. All these are carried out on lead and with a low level distraction. Your dog will go on field trips to instill these new techniques.

Level Two
Level Two Plan 8 weeks.
Full Boarding: £2,360 +VAT.
Day Boarding: £2,000 +VAT (Mon-Fri).

In the level two plan your dog will receive therapies and training to help them achieve the goals as set out below: Sit Down, Walk to heel, Stay, & Polite greeting. All these are carried out on and off lead and with a higher level distraction than the level one plan. Your dog will go on field trips to instill these new techniques.

Level Three
Level Three Plan 8 weeks.
Full Boarding: £2,460 +VAT.
Day Boarding: £2,100 +VAT (Mon-Fri).

In the level three plan your dog will receive therapies and training to help them achieve the goals as set out below: Calm behaviour around livestock (Sheep, Cows, Horses, Chickens), Recall away from livestock. Dogs should be kept on a lead whilst around live stock so all training will be carried out on lead. Should your dog excel in their training they will be able to show case their work off lead around our livestock. It is important that your dog can carry out the behaviours in the level one plan or that they enrol in the level one plan prior to this plan

Weight Loss and Fitness
Weight loss and Fitness Programs:
Full Boarding: £275 +VAT per week (Min 2 weeks).
Day Boarding: £230 +VAT per week (Min 2 weeks).

If you are struggling to get your dog to the correct healthy weight, we can devise a program using all the training and exercise activities at our finger tips, all over-seen by our Vet. We can also offer purely fitness plans where we will build the stamina and health of your dog over a set period.

Puppy Training
Puppy Training 8 weeks Day Boarding: £640 +VAT (2 Days per week)

In the puppy training plan your puppy will spend two days a week as a day boarder and whilst here they will work towards to following goals: Sit, Walking on a lead, Down, & Socialisation.

Behaviour Modification
Behaviour Modification (Minimum of 2 weeks)
Full Board - £300 +VAT per week
Day Board - £270 +VAT per week.

From 'Dog aggression' to 'Jumping up' to 'Fearfulness'. We can assess and deal with all kinds of behaviours which are either unhealthy for the dog or socially undesirable. Working with therapies and reward based training we will get to the root course of the problem and help the dog to find new coping skills to be able to adjust and relax.
We will work with the dog alone, either as a full boarder or as a day boarder, and spend the final day with you to show you how the behaviour has changed and what was causing it. It is advisable to book some 121 sessions after this to begin to work in partnership with your dog again.
We do have a minimum time of two weeks to allow us to find the root problem and deal with it. Sometimes this can lead into week three, four or five but we keep in close contact with you as the human counterpart at all times and discuss the best way forward for your dog.

Therapy Plans
Therapy Plan:
Full Board: £270 +VAT per week.
Day Board: £225 +VAT per week.

The Therapy Plan offers dogs post injury or post operative care which can speed their heeling time and make them feel a lot better. With full board included your dog will have a plan tailored specifically to them which will include therapies such as Reiki, Massage, and Healing Tools.

Acupoint Therapy
Acupoint Therapy: £30 +VAT.

Using the Meridian lines, and specific points along those lines, energies can be balanced and the correct flow restored. This can help a wide range of issues, emotional, physical and psychological.

I hold a Diploma in Acupressure.

Merishia Massage
Merishia Massage for Canine and Equine: £30 +VAT.

Muscle Spasms can impede on an animals range of motion making it hard for them to move joints and painful to move around. Merishia massage aims to locate the muscle spasms and using gentle pressure, relieve these areas and provide relief for the animal.

121 training
121 training sessions (dog and handler) £40 +VAT per hour (Block of ten sessions £300 +VAT)

We offer a limited number of 121 training sessions working with human and canine to address issues, please contact for availability of these.