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Thank you for visiting our website. Here at BEAR Canine Therapy & Training we offer a different approach to traditional training and a whole host of therapies aimed at general well being, Post or Pre-op maintenance, Treatments to support the working dog and Physical, Emotional and Psychological conditions. We also carry out Animal Communications which can be a way to get to know your pet better, to deeper understand a behavioural issue, help track a lost pet or just for bit of fun.

We mainly carry out our training on a full or day boarding basis where we will work with your dog to give them some tools for them to use, but we can also offer 1-2-1 training if we feel it is appropriate and suitable for the dog's development.

We are based at BEAR Boarding Kennels which is fully insured and licensed with Cotswold District Council. The kennels offer a relaxing environment perfect for learning and reflecting and being able to develop.

Please have a browse through our website at what we offer and don't hesitate to contact us should you wish to book your dog in or just enquire further.


Mobile: 07912179937

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